About Darius

  • Most note worthy Darius has played a primary role on Game of Thrones
  • Darius Dar Khan is a Spotlight Accredited Professional Actor
    Accreditation no : 8616-5615-7630
  • Darius has been interviewed by the BBC world wide service as a celebrity model and actor.
  • Darius has been featured inMuscle & Fitness Online Magazine
  • Darius has modeled for the world’s premier artists Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell.
  • Darius has worked on major British TV Shows with mickey rourke and Kayan novaks
  • Darius has worked as a lead male Model for International Fashion/Runway Shows Around the World
  • Darius has Featured on the cover of LA Muscle workout Magazine
  • Darius is an accredited listed on IMDB
  • Darius’s face is on the front cover of Author Alan Smale’s (New York Times best selling authors) Book Eagle In Excile, Published by Del Rey Publications
    isbn : 1101885319/ isbn13 : 9781101885314
  • Darius has modelled for Gold’s Gym
  • Darius has modelled and featured in Men’s Fitness magazine amongst many other magazines.
  • Darius has modelled for Warner Brothers
  • Darius has been Photographedby the world’s Premier Physique Photograper Bill Dobbins.
  • Also Darius is the male face for Med Spa International Beauty Clinics
  • Darius’s face has featured on the cover of millionair magazine
  • Darius has modeled for MuscleWorks Gymnasiums and Muscleworks Clothing Line
  • Darius is the brand face and flagship model of Streetlethic wear


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